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experience, strength, and hope: poems of life’s lessons November 15, 2008

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By Ronald Edwards
A smart man learns from his mistakes, but a wise man learns from others! Ron Edwards spent his life falling short of being a wise man, and had to accept that just being this side of smart is not all that bad. To say that it’s a bit difficult to grow up with him as a father who was still learning how to be “smart” is an understatement. Life is a journey, not a destination and along the way this poet, tried to record my life’s lessons of his journey. Over his 30 years in the engineering aerospace industry, Ron has had many successes and failures in his professional career and personal life. His education, religious beliefs, upbringing, friends and family could not have prepared him for the road of his disease, and acceptance of who, and what he is. His life path has taken him to bottoms and lows most do not recover from, and in his poetry he has found that there is a softer and easier way to live, and that there is help. Ron has in his most humble, honest efforts tried to express his personal “experience, strength and hope” with these poems of his life’s

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Serenity Is Forever November 7, 2008

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Made in the USA

Outsiders don’t really understand, but every day of sobriety is a big deal for people in recovery. Personally, I have never experienced such a feeling of sheer pride as when I took my 1-year chip. The tradition of taking sobriety chips had seemed strange until that first anniversary, but now I feel the pride that sobriety chips symbolize.

I got this idea when I was exhibiting at a local art show. I chatted with a wonderful lady who is many years sober and purchased my heart-shaped Serenity Prayer necklace. She said, “You should make pendants with anniversary years on them, like a sobriety chip that you wear.” I explained that it seemed like such a waste to make jewelry that only lasts one year. “Oh no!” she replied, “I’d be so proud to wear one, but I’d be even prouder to pass it along after a year. It’s like passing the torch, and that’s what the fellowship is all about.”

So here they are…my own version of sobriety chips. I’m very happy to be sharing these with you, and I’m so proud of everything they represent.

Crafted in Luxane™, a state-of-the-art polyurethane resin, the anniversary year(s) and “One Day At A Time” is embedded within each heart shaped pendant. Learn more about Luxane.

Completely hand-cast from a handmade mold in my workshop, lovingly finished, and polished to perfection. Learn more about the artisan process.

Price $30.00 resin, includes 18″ gold-plated chain. All sales final for this item.

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Sober Musicians November 5, 2008

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From our mission statement…

…Our aim is to help one another. Although you will see here and there references and links to many recovery programs, it is our wish that this website,
Sober Musicians
remain non denominational. Meaning we don’t get into stupid arguments about which way is better to get and stay sober.

There are plenty other forums and message boards on the Web to join and argue the merits of our recovery programs, if we have one. With that said, let this be our Mission Statement, for lack of a simpler term.

…My friend Gooch calls it our Tablature. A place for sober artists of every stripe, or those sobering up. A Sober Studio if you will, that our music and art may thrive beyond our addiction.

One more crucial thing, folks… You gotta be wanting to have fun if you visit the forums!

For years, we played music in bars, or Pete’s garage on Friday Nights, or on the corner of Portage and Main, watching the dimes and quarters drop in the case… Some of us played until our fingers lost their touch… Some of us played until the notes inside our minds exhausted themselves into staccato silences…

Most of us played loaded with alcohol and drugs, believing they were the fuel to express our passion, a way to transcribe that which we felt was our link to the cosmic, the divine, the undefinable… In these pages, in no particular order or organized fashion, are our stories, our hopes and fears, our joys and sorrows, past and present.

We’re Treating Life Well now…

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Getting Sober: What To Expect

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*Getting Sober: What To Expect,* is written from first hand experience of a recovering alcoholic. I know all to well the fears you may face when thinking about getting sober.

In this book you will have all those questions answered and more! It is my hope that knowing what to expect when getting sober will make that decision all the easier. *Getting Sober: What to Expect* was written with your best interests in mind. I hope this book makes that decision easier for you once you know what to expect.

Good luck and I wish you the very best on your road to recovery!
C. King, M.Ed.

Common Questions Answered:

Witdrawal- How bad is it?
Relationships- Will they be restored?
Support- Do I have to go to meetings?
How will I feel if I just quit, after all those years of drinking?
How do I avoid a relapse?
Should I talk to my doctor?


~This is GREAT STUFF! The withdrawal stuff explains a lot. – Anonymous

~It helps to read it and know rather than just wing it and be confused. Thank you for this! – Anonymous

~This gave me the courage to begin a sober life, I thought I was going crazy with the sugar craving! I don’t feel so alone anymore. – Anonymous

~This guide helped me so much every time I tried to get sober and am glad to say I finally have been sober for 1 year as I found my courage to! – Anonymous

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Recovery Nation Live

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Tags: , , , offers listeners a full network of services. The site is a full community including blogs, groups, topics, resources, clips and most importantly the RNL Radio Show. Show host and site creator JT is on the air 6 nights a week. Stop by and take a listen!

Recovery Nation Live


Sunlight of the Spirit Music

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Gracie Vandiver
Genres: 12 Step / Recovery
Price: $5.99

Some Nice Things People Have Said

Gracie’s music has helped our patients connect emotionally and spiritually. It is also helpful in exploring the struggles, joys and victories of living in recovery.
-Patrick Haggerson, M.A., CADC-II
Training Specialist
Betty Ford Center

. . . Fabulous! Your songs are an inspiration!
-Rick and JoAnn Woods

About Gracie Vandiver

Gracie Vandiver is the founder of

She is the producer and host of the popular Sober Cafe Podcast, interviewing artists in recovery about their journey along with sharing their music. The Sober Café Podcast received a 2008 PRISM Award for interactive media presented by the Entertainment Industries Council, Inc. in partnership with the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration.

As a songwriter, she gathered up some of her award-winning songwriting friends last year and produced, Trail of Light – Fifteen Songs Exploring the Journey From Alcoholism and Addiction to a New Life In Recovery.

Trail of Light was also honored with a 2008 PRISM Award for best exemplifying accurate depiction of drug, alcohol and tobacco use and addiction in a music recording. The compilation CD is being used by the Betty Ford Center, as well as other treatment centers for breaking through invisible barriers and paving the way for talking about things that most people only think about.

Gracie is also a proud recipient of a 2008 Posi Award, presented to her by Empower Music and Arts. She received the positive/new thought music award in the personal transformation category for her song, When I Get Outta Bed.

Gracie performs “music for your spiritual toolkit” at conferences and concerts around the country. She continues to pass along the gifts she has received during her sixteen-years of recovery by sharing some of the spiritual truths she has learned and by performing songs about her journey.

This past summer, Gracie had the joy of co-producing a spoken word and music CD with David Rivers and philosopher Noah benShea. Getting Better – Don’t Let The Past Kidnap Your Future includes four songs by Gracie and co-writers Sonia Lee, Kathy Ashworth, and David Rivers. The other four tracks are beautifully written and narrated by Noah, with instrumental versions of their music supporting his insightful messages.

She is also co-author of the music business book, Your First Cut, a Step-by-Step Guide to Getting There, co-written with her husband, hit songwriter Jerry Vandiver.

Gracie lives in Nashville with her husband Jerry, their two dogs, two cats, and her fabulous stash of yarn.

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