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Sober Musicians November 5, 2008

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From our mission statement…

…Our aim is to help one another. Although you will see here and there references and links to many recovery programs, it is our wish that this website,
Sober Musicians
remain non denominational. Meaning we don’t get into stupid arguments about which way is better to get and stay sober.

There are plenty other forums and message boards on the Web to join and argue the merits of our recovery programs, if we have one. With that said, let this be our Mission Statement, for lack of a simpler term.

…My friend Gooch calls it our Tablature. A place for sober artists of every stripe, or those sobering up. A Sober Studio if you will, that our music and art may thrive beyond our addiction.

One more crucial thing, folks… You gotta be wanting to have fun if you visit the forums!

For years, we played music in bars, or Pete’s garage on Friday Nights, or on the corner of Portage and Main, watching the dimes and quarters drop in the case… Some of us played until our fingers lost their touch… Some of us played until the notes inside our minds exhausted themselves into staccato silences…

Most of us played loaded with alcohol and drugs, believing they were the fuel to express our passion, a way to transcribe that which we felt was our link to the cosmic, the divine, the undefinable… In these pages, in no particular order or organized fashion, are our stories, our hopes and fears, our joys and sorrows, past and present.

We’re Treating Life Well now…

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