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Serenity Is Forever November 7, 2008

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Made in the USA

Outsiders don’t really understand, but every day of sobriety is a big deal for people in recovery. Personally, I have never experienced such a feeling of sheer pride as when I took my 1-year chip. The tradition of taking sobriety chips had seemed strange until that first anniversary, but now I feel the pride that sobriety chips symbolize.

I got this idea when I was exhibiting at a local art show. I chatted with a wonderful lady who is many years sober and purchased my heart-shaped Serenity Prayer necklace. She said, “You should make pendants with anniversary years on them, like a sobriety chip that you wear.” I explained that it seemed like such a waste to make jewelry that only lasts one year. “Oh no!” she replied, “I’d be so proud to wear one, but I’d be even prouder to pass it along after a year. It’s like passing the torch, and that’s what the fellowship is all about.”

So here they are…my own version of sobriety chips. I’m very happy to be sharing these with you, and I’m so proud of everything they represent.

Crafted in Luxane™, a state-of-the-art polyurethane resin, the anniversary year(s) and “One Day At A Time” is embedded within each heart shaped pendant. Learn more about Luxane.

Completely hand-cast from a handmade mold in my workshop, lovingly finished, and polished to perfection. Learn more about the artisan process.

Price $30.00 resin, includes 18″ gold-plated chain. All sales final for this item.

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