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Meet Laura C February 19, 2009

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Hi, my name is LauraC and I’m an alcoholic/addict. Yes, you can laugh, I am raising my hand and sitting in a circle as we speak. I can laugh now too. I write and record a new genre of music called RECOVERY MUSIC. The CD will be entitled “The Gift of Brokenness”, and will have 12 Songs – each relating to one of the 12 Steps in Recovery. It’s basically, my raw, painful, joyful & hopeful process of recovering from addiction – in musical form. I wrote about everything….from driving drunk in a blackout, (“Pray for Me”), to sitting in an AA meeting and hating everybody and craving a drink, to waking up for the first time sober that I felt a glimmer of hope. I was blessed to record with Producers, Randy Miller (4 time Grammy Winner), and Sandy Stewart (Stevie Nicks/Fleetwood Mac). We tracked the CD in Houston, TX and are mastering in L.A. this Jan 30. I am expecting a release date on CD maby late February. You can see a clip of me on NBC’s The TODAY SHOW w/Meredith Viera on my official website:, just click on PRESS. I hope you like the tunes. Let’s keep in touch. God is Good.



February Blog of the Month February 1, 2009

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Young, Dumb, Sober

“This blog is going to take its own shape. basically I like anything that gives me a rush… poker, snowboarding, soccer, women. I spent most of adolescence doing drugs and being the best heroin and cocaine addict I could be. When I wasn’t doing that I was being the best alcoholic I could be. Long story short, i ended up getting clean and sober almost 4 years ago. I thought the rest would be happily ever after… It is for the most part. The rest is just chatter in my head. I thought I would anonymously share all that on the internet. I never considered anything I have to say important enough to write down, or for anyone else to read. I still don’t. I do however think that my story, my day to day life, struggles, triumphs and rantings are one of a kind. ”