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HIT HARD October 21, 2009

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HIT HARD the memoir of drummer Joey Kramer of Aerosmith

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Recovery Comedy is Proud to Present Marshall Chiles October 20, 2009

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Marshall loves to perform stand-up comedy for recovering addicts. Of all the shows he has performed all over the world, his recovery comedy shows are his favorites.

Being in active addiction is such a ridiculous, illogical way of life, that the simple truths of addiction are comical in their own right. Marshall hopes to show other recovering addicts, especially the new comer, that there IS life after drugs and alcohol… a much better way of life.

Marshall is very humbled to be able to carry the message of recovery while performing stand-up comedy at conventions, rehab centers, conferences, half-way homes, and anywhere else addicts need a laugh. Most of his comedy show is not about being in a 12 step program, but they are from an addict’s perspective. He closes all his shows at comedy clubs with his 12 step jokes because a) it is some of his best material, and b) it helps carry the message of recovery.

Marshall’s comedy is considered edgy and smart while not being offensive. He pushes the envelope while not being divisive and he can walk this line because his comedy comes from a place of love. Sure, he knows that sounds corny, but it is how he can say some of the things he says and make people laugh instead of walking out of the show.

Recovery Comedy ~ One Laugh at a Time


The Sober Biker October 18, 2009

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The whole idea for this site is to help get clean and sober people together, find and make new friends that are also clean and sober but still enjoy going on rides with some down home folks, going to a biker event, listening to bands and just plain want to be them self. When Topper and I go to these events and rides it seems like we’re the only ones not drinking. We have just as much fun and do some crazy shit too but, when we’re pulled over or when we wake up, we don’t have all those head aches that those high folks do. We do not endorse any one recovery program or religion. ALL are welcome here for fellowship and participating in each others recovery. This site is also for people that may be thinking they have a “problem” or just don’t want to hang around and ride with a bunch of drunken high knuckle heads. I believe that everyone’s paths cross for a reason and I certainly do not want to get in the way.



NEW Post on IOCC October 6, 2009

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The Joy of Praying


Rabbi Yisrael Pinson

Improve Our Conscious Contact


It’s All In The Journey ~ A Magazine for the recovery community October 3, 2009

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The only magazine written by, for and about the recovery community.  Not just for the professionals serving the community, but the whole community.

The goal of “It’s All In The Journey” is to show someone still suffering how we did it. To teach, inform, and
entertain our brothers and sisters in recovery. To let family members and the general public know that treatement
for addiction is possible and available to everyone. And that it works if you work it!

Our Mission: The 12th step of the 12-step fellowship says, “…having had a spiritual awakening as a result of these steps, we try to carry this message to another alcoholic or addict.”

VISIT It’s All In The JOURNEY and Subscribe!


October Blog of the Month October 1, 2009

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Through strong sponsorship, lots of meetings, practicing the spiritual principles as outlined in the book Alcoholics Anonymous and oodles and oodles of grace, I haven’t had a drink since May 2, 2006.