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January Blog of the Month January 1, 2009

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A post from The Angry Sober Dude

“Twenty years, one day at a time.

In sobriety I was kicked out of college, lost my drivers license for a year, fired, broke and in debt, severely depressed(and wanting OUT) and of course the biggie which was loosing my twin sons at 28 weeks due to TTTS.

In sobriety I graduated from college, met my wife in AA, got a great job, moved around the country and met some great sober people (including this guy who goes to the Bowers Park meeting) and of course the biggie which was the birth of my two daughters who are now 5 and 8 years old.

Growing up in my house sucked, my dad was violent and an addict and my mother was a punching bag who always wanted to “clean” my room.

When I walked into AA people put their hand out to me and saved my life.

DO IT! Every time you see someone new walk in the door make sure you say hi. IT SAVED MY LIFE!

Mike B. wherever you are thank you. You appointed yourself my sponsor and took me to meetings and kept me alive.

Bill R. I know where you are but thank you anyway. I shared the most humiliating and shameful things in my fourth step and all I got back from you was love. You are my example of how a man in AA should be.

I am proof that this program works thanks to people like you.

Thank you.”

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