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The Sober Biker October 18, 2009

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The whole idea for this site is to help get clean and sober people together, find and make new friends that are also clean and sober but still enjoy going on rides with some down home folks, going to a biker event, listening to bands and just plain want to be them self. When Topper and I go to these events and rides it seems like we’re the only ones not drinking. We have just as much fun and do some crazy shit too but, when we’re pulled over or when we wake up, we don’t have all those head aches that those high folks do. We do not endorse any one recovery program or religion. ALL are welcome here for fellowship and participating in each others recovery. This site is also for people that may be thinking they have a “problem” or just don’t want to hang around and ride with a bunch of drunken high knuckle heads. I believe that everyone’s paths cross for a reason and I certainly do not want to get in the way.



February Blog of the Month February 1, 2009

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Young, Dumb, Sober

“This blog is going to take its own shape. basically I like anything that gives me a rush… poker, snowboarding, soccer, women. I spent most of adolescence doing drugs and being the best heroin and cocaine addict I could be. When I wasn’t doing that I was being the best alcoholic I could be. Long story short, i ended up getting clean and sober almost 4 years ago. I thought the rest would be happily ever after… It is for the most part. The rest is just chatter in my head. I thought I would anonymously share all that on the internet. I never considered anything I have to say important enough to write down, or for anyone else to read. I still don’t. I do however think that my story, my day to day life, struggles, triumphs and rantings are one of a kind. ”