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experience, strength, and hope: poems of life’s lessons November 15, 2008

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By Ronald Edwards
A smart man learns from his mistakes, but a wise man learns from others! Ron Edwards spent his life falling short of being a wise man, and had to accept that just being this side of smart is not all that bad. To say that it’s a bit difficult to grow up with him as a father who was still learning how to be “smart” is an understatement. Life is a journey, not a destination and along the way this poet, tried to record my life’s lessons of his journey. Over his 30 years in the engineering aerospace industry, Ron has had many successes and failures in his professional career and personal life. His education, religious beliefs, upbringing, friends and family could not have prepared him for the road of his disease, and acceptance of who, and what he is. His life path has taken him to bottoms and lows most do not recover from, and in his poetry he has found that there is a softer and easier way to live, and that there is help. Ron has in his most humble, honest efforts tried to express his personal “experience, strength and hope” with these poems of his life’s

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