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Holiday Tips for Twelve Steppers November 17, 2009

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Staying Sober and Sane Through The Holidays

 The holidays have a way of affecting us all. It can be subtle or very direct. The pace increases in our lives and the events become plentiful. Being able to enjoy the holidays is a goal I strive for every year. So what have I learned with 18 sober holidays under my belt?


1. Don’t let meetings take a back seat. If an event is in conflict make sure you have an alternative meeting to pick up.

2. This is a great time of year to practice NOT people pleasing. Do what you can and feel comfortable with. No explanations needed.

3. Come late leave early. This is a favorite of mine and cuts out much of the emotional baggage that can accumulate at a function.

4. Keep literature in the car with reinforcing pages marked. If your not ready to leave take five and read something that will help you stay connected.

5. Remind yourself of the true meaning of the holidays. Whatever you celebrate ~ key into the spiritual and try to flush the commercial.

6. Allow a few moments extra to slow down before holiday tasks such as shopping, cleaning, entertaining, decorating etc. Key in on that spiritual aspect again.

7. Don’t forget to HALT (Hungry Angry Lonely Tired.)  Basic needs can get skipped in all the hub bub. Again slow down for a few minutes to make sure your needs are met ~ including meetings.

8. Get out that gratitude list ~ remember how it use to be ~ share your ESH if you are having trouble remembering.

9. Attend a sober activity instead of a function that may be too much too soon.

10. If the best you can do is not use ~ that is HUGE and should not be dismissed ~ that can be the BIGGEST gratitude you will ever have. Let all other aspects of the Holidays take the back seat.

11. Stay close to meetings, sponsors, support and counselors ~ pick up a commitment ~ you may not be aware of the effects the Holidays could be having on you.

12. Finally don’t forget the many alkathons that are held during this time of year. Find out where they are and put the information in your wallet.

written by Gwen R.


September Blog of the Month September 3, 2009

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Hi! I’m Amanda! I’ve got three girls (you might know me as mom23greatgirls) that I love with all my heart. I also have a husband and I love him too – sometimes with the rest of my heart. Ready for an adventure in sobriety? Follow along as I make my way through the world, sober while trying to work outside of my home, parent, and be a wife. It’ll be fun, I promise!

Visit Adventures of a SoberMommy


February Blog of the Month February 1, 2009

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Young, Dumb, Sober

“This blog is going to take its own shape. basically I like anything that gives me a rush… poker, snowboarding, soccer, women. I spent most of adolescence doing drugs and being the best heroin and cocaine addict I could be. When I wasn’t doing that I was being the best alcoholic I could be. Long story short, i ended up getting clean and sober almost 4 years ago. I thought the rest would be happily ever after… It is for the most part. The rest is just chatter in my head. I thought I would anonymously share all that on the internet. I never considered anything I have to say important enough to write down, or for anyone else to read. I still don’t. I do however think that my story, my day to day life, struggles, triumphs and rantings are one of a kind. ”


Getting Sober: What To Expect November 5, 2008

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*Getting Sober: What To Expect,* is written from first hand experience of a recovering alcoholic. I know all to well the fears you may face when thinking about getting sober.

In this book you will have all those questions answered and more! It is my hope that knowing what to expect when getting sober will make that decision all the easier. *Getting Sober: What to Expect* was written with your best interests in mind. I hope this book makes that decision easier for you once you know what to expect.

Good luck and I wish you the very best on your road to recovery!
C. King, M.Ed.

Common Questions Answered:

Witdrawal- How bad is it?
Relationships- Will they be restored?
Support- Do I have to go to meetings?
How will I feel if I just quit, after all those years of drinking?
How do I avoid a relapse?
Should I talk to my doctor?


~This is GREAT STUFF! The withdrawal stuff explains a lot. – Anonymous

~It helps to read it and know rather than just wing it and be confused. Thank you for this! – Anonymous

~This gave me the courage to begin a sober life, I thought I was going crazy with the sugar craving! I don’t feel so alone anymore. – Anonymous

~This guide helped me so much every time I tried to get sober and am glad to say I finally have been sober for 1 year as I found my courage to! – Anonymous

Only $5.95! Click HERE to order