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New Hope Recovery Center – Interventions December 8, 2009

Understanding Intervention Services

Interventions explained
There is some misconception about intervention services. Interventions are often portrayed in the media as highly conflictual meetings in which friends and family members air out their grievances towards one person. Certainly, interventions are confrontational, and they usually involve close family members. With a trained interventionist, however, an intervention session will be well run and contained.

An intervention is generally defined as an attempt to disrupt a person’s pattern of negative and addictive behaviors. Some individuals are unable to see how the disease of addiction has affected their lives and the lives of those around them. While some friends and family may have expressed anger, worry and frustration, their message does not get through. Addiction is so powerful and insidious because it causes the mind to rationalize compulsive and destructive behaviors to maintain the addiction. A trained interventionist can break through an individual’s false sense of reality. The objectivity that a professional interventionist brings to the intervention dissipates some of the intensity of the emotions that surface, preventing blaming, shaming and other defeating communication.

Only a trained clinician can assess whether an intervention would be appropriate for your friend or loved one.

The New Hope Recovery intervention difference
New Hope Recovery Center offers professional intervention services when needed. If you contact us, we can give you more detailed information on the intervention process and how it can help your loved one take the first step to recovery from addiction. Intervention services are tailored towards the needs of your family member or loved one. After speaking with you, we can get a better idea of the friends and family members to be present at an intervention, the format for the session and the most effective addiction treatment for the individual in need. Please contact us with your questions or concerns about interventions. We are here to help.

New Hope Recovery Center

Interventions Page


2 Responses to “New Hope Recovery Center – Interventions”

  1. Felicia Ford Says:

    I believe in the intervention process. I have published a book for women and men on addictions. “Quiet Desperation” can be perhaps used as a tool for the still suffering. A serious book on hitting bottom ,rehabs, detox and A.A Please look for it on either Barnes and Nobles or Publish I can send you more information through mail. Getting sober takes more than a story I realize, yet, perhaps others could see beyond. For I was once in there shoes. Thank you Felicia Ford

  2. Felicia Ford Says:

    Is there any way sober sites can post my book “Quiet Desperation” A serious women’s book on addiction and recovery. It can be purchased on Barnes and Noble’s wed site.

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